A photo, a moment, a memory to be cherished and never to be forgotten...
which is the essence of my photography

Photographing kids is very special to me as they are natural and freely express themselves, without inhibitions, in everything that they do.  If I can capture that, then I've done a good job.

On the other hand I love photographing musicians, as when they are performing, they are doing it with their heart and soul. If I can capture that, then again, I've done a good job.

The world is made up of vastly different people, each with their own special uniqueness.  Here I captured this girl's beauty by photographing her without her knowing, in low light, at a music concert and pushing the ISO, thus allowing me not to have to use a flash. 

Landscapes are often a favourite.  Unlike paintings, they can be used for large format printing either on photographic paper or on canvas.  The variety of different landscapes are vast and differ according to peoples tastes.  I have chosen a few variations for my landscape gallery, just to give you an idea of their versatility.   

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DONE Sending...

MichelleN | Reply 08.10.2013 15.58

Stunning ... MichelleN

Geoff Shar 08.10.2013 16.02

Hey Michelle, thank you sooo much... pls sms me on 082 902 4933 Tks, G

Richard Ramudzuli | Reply 02.07.2013 10.59

Thank you for your contribution this past Saturday at Carnival City

Cios | Reply 25.06.2012 16.35

You are a true artist, in every sense of the word! Cios

Judi | Reply 08.08.2011 02.31

So many captured moments frozen in time - takes someone that can actually see, rare that - impressive.

Geoff 08.08.2011 02.45

Thank you for your kind words, I greatly appreciate that. That's why I love what I do.....

L | Reply 06.08.2011 00.20

Well done on a great site. X

Geoff Shar | Reply 31.07.2011 11.28

Hey Marianne, WoW!!! You are too kind. Thank you for such as AwSoMe comment.

Marianne Hill | Reply 30.07.2011 23.29

Hi Geoff - we obviously share a passion....(I am trying to get my photography off the ground) Yours is nothing less than exceptional!

robyn shar | Reply 30.07.2011 19.41


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22.04 | 23:08

if you know of anyone interested in my cottage....pls send them pics and contact me. Regards Cornelia (connie) cornelia moller on facebook

08.04 | 12:21

I love the innocence of children and their honesty.

08.10 | 16:02

Hey Michelle, thank you sooo much... pls sms me on 082 902 4933 Tks, G

08.10 | 15:58

Stunning ... MichelleN

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